Vortex 42 Tooth Sprocket

  • Part #: 80591342A
  • Manufacturer Part #: 452AK-42
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Overview of Vortex 42 Tooth Sprocket

  • Precision constructed to exact tolerances for better concentricity
  • Induction hardened for stronger, quieter and longer-lasting performance
  • Plated against corrosion
  • Less mass with drilled lightening holes
  • F5 PTFE black hardcoat
  • F5 PTFE black provides extra endurance through hard anodization; also coated with PTFE for extra lubricity

NOTE: Converts the following models to a 520 chain
Kawasaki ZX600G/J Ninja ZX-6R 98-02
Kawasaki ZX600K/M Ninja ZX-6RR 03-04
Kawasaki ZX600N Ninja ZX-6RR 05-06
Kawasaki ZX600P Ninja ZX-6R 07-08
Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R 96-03
Kawasaki ZX900F Ninja ZX-9R 02-03

NOTE: At this time we are not able to specify on our website the standard tooth sizes of the sprockets or size and length of chain for your motorcycle. We will display every sprocket that fits. If you need the standard tooth size information or chain size and length, call us toll-free 800-969-7504


No. of Teeth 42
Weight 1.05 lbs

Specs for Vortex 42 Tooth Sprocket

No. of Teeth 42
Weight 1.05 lbs

Fitment for Vortex 42 Tooth Sprocket

Part 80591342A fits the following machines

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2008 Kawasaki EX650A Ninja 650R
2007 Kawasaki EX650A Ninja 650R
2006 Kawasaki EX650A Ninja 650R
2011 Kawasaki EX650C Ninja 650R
2010 Kawasaki EX650C Ninja 650R
2009 Kawasaki EX650C Ninja 650R
2014 Kawasaki EX650E Ninja 650R
2013 Kawasaki EX650E Ninja 650R
2012 Kawasaki EX650E Ninja 650R
2015 Kawasaki EX650F Ninja 650R ABS
2014 Kawasaki EX650F Ninja 650R ABS
2013 Kawasaki EX650F Ninja 650R ABS
2014 Kawasaki KLE650C Versys
2013 Kawasaki KLE650C Versys
2012 Kawasaki KLE650C Versys
2011 Kawasaki KLE650C Versys
2010 Kawasaki KLE650C Versys
2006 Kawasaki ZR1000A Z1000
2005 Kawasaki ZR1000A Z1000
2004 Kawasaki ZR1000A Z1000
2003 Kawasaki ZR1000A Z1000
2005 Kawasaki ZX1000C Ninja ZX-10R
2004 Kawasaki ZX1000C Ninja ZX-10R
2007 Kawasaki ZX1000D Ninja ZX-10R
2006 Kawasaki ZX1000D Ninja ZX-10R
1999 Kawasaki ZX600G Ninja ZX-6R
1998 Kawasaki ZX600G Ninja ZX-6R
2002 Kawasaki ZX600J Ninja ZX-6R
2001 Kawasaki ZX600J Ninja ZX-6R
2000 Kawasaki ZX600J Ninja ZX-6R
2004 Kawasaki ZX600K Ninja ZX-6RR
2003 Kawasaki ZX600K Ninja ZX-6RR
2004 Kawasaki ZX600M Ninja ZX-6RR
2006 Kawasaki ZX600N Ninja ZX-6RR
2005 Kawasaki ZX600N Ninja ZX-6RR
2008 Kawasaki ZX600P Ninja ZX-6R
2007 Kawasaki ZX600P Ninja ZX-6R
2004 Kawasaki ZX636B Ninja ZX-6R
2003 Kawasaki ZX636B Ninja ZX-6R
2006 Kawasaki ZX636C Ninja ZX-6R
2005 Kawasaki ZX636C Ninja ZX-6R
1990 Kawasaki ZX750H Ninja ZX-7
1989 Kawasaki ZX750H Ninja ZX-7
1992 Kawasaki ZX750J Ninja ZX-7
1991 Kawasaki ZX750J Ninja ZX-7
1992 Kawasaki ZX750K Ninja ZX-7R
1991 Kawasaki ZX750K Ninja ZX-7R
1995 Kawasaki ZX750L Ninja ZX-7
1994 Kawasaki ZX750L Ninja ZX-7
1993 Kawasaki ZX750L Ninja ZX-7
2003 Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R
2002 Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R
2001 Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R
2000 Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R
1999 Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R
1998 Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R
1997 Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R
1996 Kawasaki ZX750P Ninja ZX-7R
1999 Kawasaki ZX900C Ninja ZX-9R
1998 Kawasaki ZX900C Ninja ZX-9R
2001 Kawasaki ZX900E Ninja ZX-9R
2000 Kawasaki ZX900E Ninja ZX-9R
2003 Kawasaki ZX900F Ninja ZX-9R
2002 Kawasaki ZX900F Ninja ZX-9R

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