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If you’re looking to customize or create your dream bike, then you can count on V-Factor to help you do it. Located in the heartland of America in Hazelwood, MO, V-Factor by Mid-USA is recognized across the globe for providing motorcycle products that are as good as or better than those from the original equipment manufacturer. By using V-Factor motorcycle parts and accessories from Dennis Kirk, you can give your bike high-dollar looks and performance without a high-dollar price tag.

From nose to tail, we offer a number of quality parts for Harleys, cruisers and café racers. V-Factor motorcycle body parts such as fenders and gas tanks will give your bike a healthy dose of personality when you’re riding down the highway. Choose from V-Factor front fenders and rear fenders for rigid frames, fat boys and wide glides, with both OE replacement and custom styles available. Gas tanks can be ordered in king, narrow Mustang, legacy, peanut and many other styles, safely holding the fuel you need while matching the contours of your ride.

The company is also known for their handlebars and controls. V-Factor handlebars are beautifully chrome plated with dimples for better wiring. Big twin and chopper riders will drool over our V-Factor forward control kits and footpegs, which reposition the motorcycle’s body to reduce riding fatigue with a black or chrome touch. Make sure to pick up switch kits, wiring kits, switch button caps and other hardware to match up your favorite set of handlebars or control kit for your machine.

With numerous other items available for both practicality and style, from long-lasting brake pads and rotors to brass skull shifter knobs, giving your bike “the V-Factor” is a sure way to make your favorite ride look and perform great for a long time. Many body parts even come in raw steel form so you can custom paint them. Dennis Kirk will give you the guaranteed lowest price on V-Factor motorcycle parts and ships them to you the day you order so you can quickly put your creative juices to work.