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As one of the largest motorcycle boot manufacturers in the world, TCX is becoming the go-to boot brand for riders of all types. The Italian company first got their start in 1999 producing boots for OE brands like BMW, Polo and Hein Gericke. But with all of their great success, they decided to branch off on their own as Oxstar boots and later rebranded to become TCX in 2007. Today, TCX is in demand by all riders, including offroad, aggressive street, touring and commuting riders.

One of the reasons for the continuing growth of TCX boots is their commitment to quality. Unlike many other large motorcycle brands, TCX focuses only on manufacturing footwear. And with all of their focus on riding boots, they are able to design and create boots utilizing the leading technology. It is their belief that the technology used in motorcycle boots should advance at the same rate that the technology of new bikes advances. This way, riders can have high performance gear that is complimentary to their high performance bikes. They were the first to introduce a Torsion Control System (TCS), which has greatly reduced ankle twisting. TCX has also partnered with the top material manufacturers like Gore-Tex and Michelin to ensure that their boots are of the highest quality.

Being an Italian company, style is not forgotten in their focus on technology. With the growing demand for gear that can be worn on and off of your motorcycle, TCX is leading the way. They have several lines of boots that make the transition from your bike to your office or to a restaurant seamless. All while never neglecting safety and performance.

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