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At the heart of the Suzuki sport bike line up (and arguably all sport bikes) is the GSX-R. As a descendant of the game changing GS line of bikes, the GSX-R was the next evolution in Suzuki’s quest for ultimate performance. First released in 1986, the Gixxer changed the sport bike game. It was the “Racer with Lights”. Average riders were able to afford and buy a superbike of their own when the first 750 was relaeased. Suzuki focused much of their design efforts on this line of bikes and it showed, as the GSX-R was able to stay on top for over 30 years and remains at the top today. Light weight was always a key to its success, especially when combined with the smooth power from the engine. Today, the GSX-R is still the icon of the sport bike world and remains on its throne.

Even though all Gixxers are great bikes right out of the box, like any other bike, they need to be maintained over time. Routine maintenance like oil changes, brakes, oil filters and more need to be done to keep it performing at its best. But it can also be made into an even better bike with the right performance upgrades. Gain more power and torque with a new exhaust, fuel controller and air cleaner. Make your bike fit you better with a new set of rear sets, clip-ons, adjustable controls and an aftermarket seat. Get the power to the rear wheel with the best chain and sprockets. And hookup with confidence with great sport bike tires.

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