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Viewing Results 1 - 5 of 5
No matter what you ride, SuperTrapp has an aftermarket performance exhaust system that is designed and built to give you the best performance. Each SuperTrapp exhaust system has been fine-tuned to fit the intricacies of each and every machine to ensure that the quality of fit, style and performance is at the highest level. When designing an exhaust, SuperTrapp makes an increase in power their top priority. They also collaborate with top bike builders like Paul Yaffe and Bill Werner to bring a fresh and innovative look to their exhausts. It's commitment like this that will guarantee that your bike will gain both power and style when you install a SuperTrapp exhaust system from Dennis Kirk.

At Dennis Kirk, we have the largest selection of SuperTrapp exhaust systems for Harleys, cruisers, dirt bikes and ATVs. All SuperTrapp exhausts bolt right to your machine with no modifications, which make for a quick and easy install. Add that to DK's fast shipping and you will be riding your bike or ATV with a new exhaust in no time. You're spending your hard earned money on the exhaust system and that's why all SuperTrapp exhausts are shipped in a special "foamed-in-place" packaging. Get the most performance and style when you get your SuperTrapp exhaust from Dennis Kirk.