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S&S Super G Carb - 11-0421

  • Part #: 165101
  • Manufacturer Part #: 11-0421
  • Our Price: $369.95
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Overview of S&S Super G Carb - 11-0421

  • Designed exclusively for Harley-Davidson Big Twin and Sportster engines
  • Butterfly-type carbs with a fully adjustable idle mixture screw and a changeable mid-range and high speed jet
  • Fully adjustable accelerator pump and a variable enrichment/fast idle device for improved throttle response, engine starting and warm-ups
  • Super G has a 2 1/16" (52.3mm) throat at the butterfly and a 1 3/4" (44.5mm) venturi and is recommended for use on 74 cubic inch engines and larger where high performance modifications have been done or are planned (not recommended for smaller, lower compression engines)
  • If you are not sure which carburetor to use, we suggest the 1 7/8" Super E

NOTE: S&S Super E and G carburetors require the use of a two-cable, pull open-pull closed throttle assembly. If your bike is not equipped with one, a two-cable system must be purchased separately.


Type Carb
Units Each
Weight 2.2 lbs

Specs for S&S Super G Carb - 11-0421

Type Carb
Units Each
Weight 2.2 lbs

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