Clutch Films Steel Roots 3 Video

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  • Manufacturer Part #: SR3
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Overview of Clutch Films Steel Roots 3 Video

  • Steel Roots 3 III VHS
  • Another great motocross vhs from Supercroos King Jeremy McGrath
  • Terrific video with amazing footage and soundtrack
  • Riders: Jeremy McGrath, Mike Metzger, Travis Pastrana, Drake McElroy, Dustin Miller, Nate Adams, Mike Mason, Matt Buyten, Brian Foster, Victor Sheldon, Erik Malone, Ryan Leyba, Mike Jones, Jake Windham, Clifford Adoptante The Flyin Hawaiian, Doug Doubach Dr. D, Larry Brooks, John Flinty, Luke Urek, Slick Rick
  • Music from: Hardknox, Marilyn Manson, Hoobastank, The Crystal Method, Lords of Acid, Mephisto Odyssey, Motley Crue, Danzig, Rammstein, Phillip Steir, Properllerheads, DJ Q-Bert Q bert, System of a Down, Hotwire, Whodini, Drowning Pool, Static-X, DJ Shadow, Atari Teenage Riot, Anthrax
  • Produced and Directed by Lawrence Lewis, Edited by Joe Nell, Lawrence Lewis
  • Music directed by Tim Riley and Go Big Records
  • Photos by Simon Cudby, Kirk Bender, Mark Peterson Sleeve Design by David Langran 2002 Clutch Films


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