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So you’ve found what looks like the perfect sport bike, with the right combination of screaming-hot performance, turn-hugging grip and eye-popping style. There’s only one problem - when you sit on the bike, you have to lean so far forward to reach the handlebars that you feel like you’re going to crush your hands and wrists. You may think your only options are to find a different bike or get used to the soreness – but there is a third option. With sport bike handlebar risers and hardware from Dennis Kirk, you can easily adjust your handlebars for a more comfortable sitting position so you can actually enjoy the awesome factor of your ride.

When the seat on your sport bike is positioned high in relation to the handlebars, using risers to move the handlebars up is a simple and inexpensive way to create a more natural upright posture. We have a number of options for various bikes, handlebar sizes and seating preferences. Whether you’re looking for a low-profile 1½-inch riser to ease slight discomfort or a massive 9-inch riser for a true custom look, you can find them here. If you’re a rider with shorter arms, we offer pivoting risers that can be rotated to move the handlebars back as well as up. We also carry handlebar clamps, adapters, extensions and other hardware to install your new risers, as well as complete kits for select makes and models.

Our inventory of handlebar risers includes leading manufacturers such as ROX Speed FX, Baron Custom Accessories, Show Chrome and PSR, with options for both standard and metric sport bikes. Whether you’re getting older and are feeling the strain of leaning forward or you just don’t want to feel like you’re falling over, our sport bike handlebar risers will make your perfect bike even more perfect. And with same-day shipping and no-hassle returns on all orders, Dennis Kirk will do more to help you find the right parts and accessories. You can also use our fitment guide to find handlebar risers and clamps for your machine.