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Nothing spoils a great winter trail day faster than a sled that won’t start. But you’ll never have to worry about having enough juice to power up your engine when you use Yuasa snowmobile batteries. Founded in 1979, Yuasa Battery is the largest American manufacturer of powersport batteries. Each of their state-of-the-art manufacturing plants follows the same process to meet their exacting quality standards. Adding a Yuasa snowmobile battery to your sled is the best way to ensure quick starting power in any conditions.

Conventional batteries are the industry standard for powersports, designed to be a reliable product that withstands vibration and protects against corrosion. But there’s nothing conventional about a Yuasa conventional battery. A number of advanced features are included in this 12-volt workhorse, such as patented separators to increase cranking power, sealed posts for corrosion resistance and polypropylene covering to prevent damage. This battery is designed for use on uneven surfaces and in vibrating environments – meaning it will take on a rugged all-day snowmobile ride without breaking a sweat.

If you’re looking for a little more out your battery, the Yuasa YuMicron line has the cranking power needed for high compression engines and heavily customized machines. A YuMicron battery has two additional plates per cell to give you 30 percent more cranking performance than a conventional battery, and Sulfate Stop technology slows down the sulfation process that can cause batteries to fail. The Yuasa YuMicron CX takes it to another level with lead calcium technology that generates more cold cranking power and holds a charge longer while also reducing water loss.

Yuasa was the first company to use lead calcium technology in a small engine battery, and innovations such as this are what have made them a leader in the industry. With a quality snowmobile battery on your ride, you know it will always turn over when you need it to. Dennis Kirk’s Tech Team will assist you in finding the battery model that’s best for you, and your order will ship the same day from our inventory.