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Viewing Results 1 - 2 of 2
It's easy to keep your eye on the trail with quality snowmobile windshields from Dennis Kirk. Whether you need snowmobile windshield trim, kits or replacement windshields, we have what you need at the lowest guaranteed prices with the largest product selection around. If you're not sure exactly which windshield or kit is right for your snowmobile, you can always speak with our Technical Support team; they're experts and can help you find the product you need. The Technical Support team is available from 8am - 9pm CST Monday - Friday to help answer your questions.

With the different styles of snowmobile windshields available, you will be able to find the perfect one to match the style of your riding. If you do more touring and long distance riding, a tall snowmobile windshield with hand flairs will be perfect to keep you comfortable and protected from the cold wind. If your riding style is all about performance, a low windshield is right for you. The low cut will be more aerodynamic and if you roll your sled, there is less of a chance that it will get caught and break.

Changing your snowmobile windshield is an easy way to customize your sled. Whether you are changing the height or the color, there are options to get just what you need. If you want your sled to stand out, a chrome snowmobile windshield will do the job. A flat black snowmobile windshield is perfect if you want your sled to have a sleek look or if you are blacking it out.