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Your snowmobile seat takes a lot of abuse when you spend each weekend roaring down snowy trails. But if you don’t take care of your seat, then it could be you taking a beating instead. Rather than enduring or patching up old uncomfortable seats, you can spruce up your perch with quality snowmobile seat accessories from Dennis Kirk. We carry replacement snowmobile seat covers, passenger seats and other products from top brands such as Travelcade, Race Shop Inc., Saddlemen and Seat Jack to restore old seats, make them more comfortable or bring a friend along for the ride.

Our snowmobile seat covers are designed to match the original manufacturer’s measurement for a secure fit. By using special grades of vinyl or fabric that resist precipitation and low temperatures, you’ll get years of reliable use even in the toughest riding conditions. Certain models even provide additional grip to help keep you on your sled in the falling snow. A variety of sizes and models are available, and with our fitment guide, you can determine which seat covers fit your snowmobile seat.

Even if your seat is still in great shape, you want to be comfy if you’re planted on your sled all day, and you can find a number of accessories for snowmobile seats that will improve your riding experience. Installing a seat riser kit can reduce knee and back strain while making it easier for you to stand when necessary. Renew a torn-up seat with a foam repair kit, or add a seat heater to warm your bones on a chilly day. We also carry passenger seat kits so a friend, partner or child can ride with you easily and safely.

A dream riding day can quickly turn into a nightmare if a bad seat leads to a sore bottom or achy knees. With Dennis Kirk’s snowmobile seat accessories, you’ll always be able to stay upright and feel right. With our no-hassle returns and exchanges policy and same-day shipping on all orders, you know you’ll get the right product fast to get back on the trails.