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Having an issue in your snowmobile’s drivetrain is less than ideal when you are sitting in 3 feet of powder 27 miles from home. That’s why we’ve made sure to carry the best selection of clutches, drive belts, sprockets, and more so that you can take care of this issue before it becomes an issue.

We carry a variety of clutches, and an even greater variety of clutch parts. So whether you are looking to fix one up or simply find a replacement, you are in the right place. And while you are in their working on your CVT, you might as well take a peek at your drive belt. Just because your belt is still as knobby as ever, it doesn’t mean that it will not need to be replaced. We carry great brands like Dayco. Their high performance belt features P-aramid cord that ensures ultimate strength and integrity, even for those of you that really beat on your sled.

We also carry a great selection of cog drivers for your sled. Don’t feel like sifting through them all? We don’t blame you. At the top of the page, put in your sleds year, make, and model. Then, we will give you all the parts that are a possible fit for your specific sled! It can save a lot of the time that you would have spent sifting through parts.

We also carry the most popular snowmobile tracks on the market, Camoplast! Camoplast is the most common track brand in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. They produce high quality tracks in every configuration you could ever want. Our track selection varies in length from 114 inches all the way up to 162 inches. Lug heights vary from .53 inches all the way up to 2.8, and we even carry pre studded tracks, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

Place your order as soon as you can, our team is standing by, eager to get your order out as fast as they can. The sooner your order is placed, the sooner you’ll be ripping along on your sled. Thanks for shopping at Dennis Kirk!