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For a lot of casual riders, the fun of snowmobiling wears out right around the time that their toes start to lose feeling. At first you try to ignore it, maybe you flex your toes a few times to keep the blood pumping, but you are only prolonging the inevitable. Trying to warm up when you are underdressed is an uphill battle, and this is one hill that your snowmobile can’t climb for you. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you have the right gear, and the reason why we’ve made it our mission to stock the best inventory of snowmobile apparel on the market today.

When it comes to buying warm snowmobile gear, we know a thing or two. We’ll do our best to help you find the perfect gear for you and your needs.

When it comes to buying jackets, they are not all created equal. Trail style jackets have a shorter cut around the waist so they don’t bunch while you’re seated, whereas backcountry snowmobile jackets have a longer cut since you spend so much of the time standing when riding in the deep powder of the mountains. Matching your jacket to your riding style can help ensure a comfortable ride.

One brand that is truly ahead of their time is FXR Racing. Their lines of jackets and bibs fitted with F.A.S.T. Technology (Flotation Assistance Safety System), which can keep you afloat for two hours! If you find yourself water skipping or even just on the ice, this is a feature that just might save your life. Another great brand to check out is 509.

Snowmobile bibs are the next thing you’ll want to buy. Bibs paired with a matching jacket make for a virtually seamless combination, keeping you fully protected from the wind. One brand that makes a high quality bib is Klim. Their stealth bibs are made with Gore-Tex three layer technology and have a heavy duty nylon outer layer. Pair these bibs with some 100% merino wool pants and you’ll be nice and toasty yet totally dry.

Don’t forget about your boots and gloves! Your sled might have hand warmers, but those hand warmers can only do so much. A well-insulated pair of riding gloves that are also breathable is the way to go. It’s better to not need your handwarmers than to need more than they can offer. If you don’t have faith in normal gloves and you don’t have hand warmers, then you should check out heated electric gloves. They offer battery powered warmth! Electric socks can aid in keeping your feet warm as well.

Last but not least, your balaclava. Pairing the right balaclava can make all of the difference. Balaclavas with a neoprene breath deflector are a good idea; they’ll keep your breath, and in turn fog, off of your goggles or shield. Riding can be downright dangerous when your vision is impaired.

For many of you, some of this information probably seemed like common knowledge. But, if even one of you finds this helpful and can avoid cold toes thanks to our writing, then it was all worth it.