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X-Calibar II Carbide Wear Rods - 505-616

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X-Calibar II Carbide Wear Rods - 505-616

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Sno-Stuff X-Calibar II Carbide Wear Rods - 505-616
  • From Sno-Stuff, the original X-Calibar carbide wear rods
  • Bars feature various lengths of 60º center carbide for control, hardweld filler sections for durability, and some have carbide wear pads for even more wear resistance
  • Longer studs work with ski skins
  • X-Calibar II feature four inches of 60º center carbide
  • One-inch carbide pads front and rear
  • Hardweld filler between front and rear carbide for added wear resistance

NOTE: Some models require drilling extra hole(s) in skis to mount carbides

NOTE: Wear rods replace the originals exactly on all models except those with E-Z Steer either as original equipment or installed later. For those models, the wear rods listed replace both the plate and the 2-stud, 14-3/4 in. wear rod with a 3-stud, 28 in. design. If you wish to retain the E-Z Steer plate, order part number 10533 for an X-Calibar I or part number 10610 for an X-Calibar III Plus design with 5 in. or 60º carbide. Both are 14-3/4 in. long

Length/Diameter: 22-1/4 in./7/16 in.
Stud Diameter/Length: 5/16 in./7/8 in.
Number of Studs: 4
Stud Center Mounting Distance From:
Front to 1st: 2-1/2 in.
1st to 2nd: 7 in.
2nd to 3rd: 8-1/4 in.
3rd to 4th: 4 in.
4th to End: 1/2 in.
Degree - Carbide 60 Degree
Diameter 5/16 in.
Diameter 7/16 in.
Length - Carbide 4 in.
Mfg #: 505-616
Part #: 0358
Stud Count 4
Type Carbide
Units Pair
Weight 2.37 lbs
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s):
Fitment for Sno-Stuff X-Calibar II Carbide Wear Rods - 505-616

Part 0358 fits the following machines


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