2019 Polaris Indy XC 850

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

After the first sled was stolen after riding it one day, and after spending so much time customizing it, I was very bitter.  I wanted to build the other right away so my sled season wasn’t ruined.

What motivated you to start your project?

I actually built two sleds very similar in a month.  I purchased the first sled on December 7th, 2019.  I brought it home and immediately disassembled it to start the project.  I worked on the sled almost every night because of the late delivery from Polaris.  I am a Polaris Ambassador so I wanted to ensure the sled was done and ready to ride as I had an event planned for the beginning of January.

I finished the sled by December 22nd and it was ready to go.  I was very pleased wit the design and could not wait to ride it.  I went with a group of other guys to ride in Quebec on December 29th.  The plan was to ride the 29th and 30th then return home.

I rode the new build for 250 kms on the 29th and when I returned back to the hotel in the evening, put it back inside my trailer.  When I went out to the trailer on the morning of the 30th, I discovered my brand new build had been stolen over night.  I was so angry as I had just spent so much time building it in a matter of weeks.

I was very fortunate that my dealer had another 850 left over as someone backed out of their snow check order.

I brought the second sled home January 4th and rode it bone stock that weekend as I had a weekend away planned.  On Sunday night, I returned home and again, disassembled the entire sled to start the second build.

Being extremely motivated to get the sled done for my Polaris event planned for the following weekend, I worked on the sled every night, often late into the night.  I had ordered all the parts I needed right after the first one was stolen, and Polaris was very helpful by sending me what I needed immediately.

I finished the sled early in the morning on January 12th, just in time for the event that day.

The sled is known as Take 2 for obvious reasons.

What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the sled?

Designing the wrap with Jesse Pratt of Pratt Designs.  The wrap was designed for the first one, but wanted the second one to be different.  As my wife said, “You can’t build the exact same sled.  People will expect more!!”.

What are you most proud of?

Building the second sled in a week and having it ready to ride 2 weeks from the day that the first one was stolen.

What do other people say about your sled?

I always get compliments on the colour scheme and wrap design.


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