2011 Polaris Rush Pro R

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

When I started I just wanted get the sled to handle like it should and to fix the speedometer.


What motivated you to start your project?

I purchased the sled used and the speedometer sensor was bad.  It would read 80 mph while idling and put miles on.  I fixed that and thought I should do some maintenance on it.


What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the sled?

On this sled I had all the black suspension components powdercoated Illusion Metallic Red and I also installed a 2014 Polaris RMK muffler on it reducing the weight and adding a little more BRAAP. I added grease fittings to all the pivot points on the rear suspension too.


What are you most proud of?

Taking the time to go through the entire sled piece by piece and replacing all the worn components.

All I wanted to do was fix the speedometer and get the suspension rebuilt.  Once I pulled the suspension out I noticed all the OEM bushings where worn and dry.  I took the time to replace all the bushings and add grease fitting to all the pivot points on the skid (beaver tail).

When I had everything out, some of the pieces where rusty and I had them all powdercoated Illusion Metallic Red.  I also vinyl wrapped speed deflector pearl white.

The snow flap heat exchanger was worn and I TIG welded the wear marks.

I had the suspension rebuilt by North Star Performance in Conway, NH and I replaced the fuel filters and float because the gas gauge was a half a tank off!

While I was there, I did a compression test and the cylinders were low (I am pretty sure my gauge was bad), so I put pistons and rings in it too!

I wanted to put a muffler on it but didn’t want to upset the neighbors, so I opted to remove the Pro R silencer and put an RMK muffler on it.  The RMK muffler is lighter and smaller and has a better sound to it while still being OEM.

What do other people say about your sled?

They all love the color of the powder coat and white wrap on the wind screen.


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