2004 Arctic Cat Kingcat Sno Pro Mod

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

I originally intended to build this particular sled to race out west on the rmsha. It took me ten years because i worked fifty hours a week,raised two kids and got a degree in the mean time  Any extra money aside after paying bills and necessary things for my family went into this sled. I started with a prototype 1m bulkhead directly from rv sports. Along the way i read books, magazines, watched videos, and called and talked to people like fabcraft, cr racing, cutlers, d*d racing, speewerx and black magic,. I picked up nos items from ebay, swaps and other things i could afford along the way.  I looked up and asked what others were using. I wanted this kind cat to combine snocross dependabilty with something that i could highmark or take out to deep keewenaw excursions. I love the 1m chassis…the longer tunnel and sno pro 4130 from end with sno pro act resoivoir shocks up front

What motivated you to start your project?

I started to ride upper peninsula back country in my middle twenties. I wanted a sled that i could point and shoot and be rest assured that i could anywhere i needed to

What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the sled?

Really  marry the  bumpabilty front end of a 2000-2002 sno pro zr..z..with the deep snow aspects of the 1m. The attack 20 had low miles and i turned the track around in attack position. The rear skid is also a new ac 2005 m series 162″ skid. Deleted the outer wheels and changed to pearl 8″idlers in rear. The driveshaft is also nos extrovert 8″ drivers  Beautiful when mated to the drop and rolled chain case.. The seat is a 03 1m 159* le seat. The tank is a 1m clear carb tank nos. Along with the     03 z sno pro hood that i installed 04 1m decal. The bars pad grips are nos ac right from the dealer along with the oem two piece tunnel. Rsi hand guards, power madd 8″ riser with 2″articulation. 1m speedo blockoff. Cobra 13″chrome shield c&a xt skis ( Not installed ) 800zr motor assembly, team tss 98 secondary. Polaris primary.

What are you most proud of?

I was the most proud of myself really  Because i accomplished this feat by living and paying bills to build something i thought was truly badass…. With just a little research . Okay alot. But alot of hard work   Alot of cursewords, some blood and the four times i wrapped the chassis with blankets and shrink wrap just to move her to each residence i lived at…it even lasted two divorces.

What do other people say about your sled?

Badass .. Sweet . Nice.. It’s generally what i got..i intended to build a factory hill sled for racing.  I got the main objective about what i wanted to do with it what i intended the sled to do and  how hard i needed to push the machine . what scheme i wanted to do . It had to look factory race. And also i accepted constructive criticism as well though. The bad is what i needed to hear the most . To make things right on the Machine

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