1993 Polaris XCR 440

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

Before i started working on the 93 i knew i wanted to transplant a 96 race 440 engine into it.  To give it that extra 5 hp the xcr special fuji’s offered:)  And i wanted to keep the sled as stock looking as possible.  I did have to ditch the 93 tank and seat but i ended up replacing it with a 96 hard tank and a 96 xcr 440 with the side pads removed.  This added a sleek look to the sled in the end.


What motivated you to start your project?

When I turned 14 I was lucky enough to be able to ride my dad’s spare Indy Lite 340.  On one of my first rides i remember coming up over the crest of a hill and coming face to face with a 93 XCR 440.  Which was brand new that year.  I was hooked.  I always keep an eye on the local craigslist adds, and in 2016 i came across a guy selling his 93 xcr.  It ran when parked, which I’ve heard before.  However this sled was in great shape, no hood cracks and the paint on the tunnel was barely marked up.  I wanted to restore this 93 to its rightful glory.


What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the sled?

I was able to find and install a low mile 96 xcr 440 race engine, the last year of the fuji 440’s ( i’m not counting the 1997 xc 440’s they were slightly de-tuned).  I think is the coolest part of this sled, because any true Polaris fan will know right away that that motor aint supposed to be in there!!


What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the fact that you don’t hardly ever see Polaris wedge chassis sleds on the trails anymore, let alone a 93 xcr 440.  I really enjoy keeping this old hunk of iron running and on the trail.


What do other people say about your sled?

I get alot of looks from the 93, however i also get looks for my other two sleds, one is a 1998 xc 700 with a 1992 xcr 440 hood, and my third sled is a 1997 xc 440 with a 1992 xcr 440 hood.  I ran into a pair of guys in White Pine Michigan last winter, who were both riding 2017 xcr 800’s.  I asked if i could take a pic of my 93 next to the new xcr’s.  That was a fun moment.

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