1991 Yamaha Phazer II ST

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

I had a clear vision for the build when I picked up my sled last summer. First off, the Darth Vader helmet (fairing) had to go! Next, I wanted to raise the handle bars to match my style of riding (standing vs sitting). The rest of the build came throughout the year and the following winter with the intended objective of installing high quality parts instead of piecing together a Frankenstein build (which many other people building older sleds often do).

What motivated you to start your project?

I’ve been a fan of the early production Phazers ever since laying my eyes on a Yamaha ad in a snowmobile magazine back in the early 90’s. My family has always been into riding so I was introduced to snowmobiles at an early age.

When riding with my buddies last winter (and sharing a few drinks at a cabin we often ride to), I came across the Phazed_and_confused instagram page, showcasing modified Phazers around the world. This is the moment that reignited my excitement for Phazers and I instantly began browsing buy and sell pages online, in search for an an early 1990’s Phazer. In August 2019, I purchased my first sled, which is know as “Red & White Delight”!

What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the sled?

I haven’t touched anything with the color scheme because I honestly think the red and white pattern from this year was one of the best on the Phazers. Instead, I added cosmetic parts here and there to make the sled unique and my own. The billet “choke me harder” choke lever and custom billet SSM “Engage the Phaze” pull handle with my engraved Instagram handle, Phazer_Fanatic, makes this sled my own

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of myself for putting the majority of this sled together. Before purchasing the sled less than 1 year ago, I had little to no small engine knowledge. I did all the wiring myself, and with the help of my brother mechanic, the online community, and some buddies; I learned a lot about small engines throughout the build. I’m super proud with how the sled turned out!

What do other people say about your sled?

I’m active on social media where I have an Instagram page (Phazer_Fanatic) dedicated to this build so I get a lot of feedback from others online. People often comment with positive feedback and really appreciate how I kept a lot of the stock parts such as the ST 136″ skid, and seat. Cosmetically, The sled is in great shape and I think a lot of people really appreciate that…especially considering the sled is nearly 30 years old!


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