1970 chaparral firebird

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

get a running and driving sled

What motivated you to start your project?

both my brother in-law and my younger brother has the same old sled and i really wanted to ride along side both of them this old thing was just a parts sled to get both of theirs into running condition, my brother took the gas tank off to use for his and my brother in-law needed the dash off it so now to get mine to a running shape i had to use the old tank from my brothers sled that was all cracked and broken so it would leak gas everywhere so i tried to jb it all up to hold gas but still is seeping so ill have to retry that later also it had no motor so i had to build one up from just a crank case lucky we had a couple of rough jugs laying around that i was able to clean up and put new pistons and a gasket set luckily my brother in-law has been collecting parts for a while so after a week got a whole motor together 🙂 still had to tear the flywheel off a few times to get the spark to work right just in time for the vintage snowmobile ride its been the funnest ride I’ve done so far they are a different ride that’s for sure with the tall stance and narrow with needless to say easy to rolltip over its been a fun adventue and cant wait to ride some more i hope to find the dash a new tank one day and lots of fiberglass work to redo the hood and get it up to original of the factory line look that’s in the future plans 🙂

What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the sled?

get the hood zip tied up in a cross hatch pattern to hold it all together

What are you most proud of?

the fact that it took 3 weeks to build out of nothing but parts and was able to ride it a full 20 miles at the vintage snowmobile show

What do other people say about your sled?

its a beast

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