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From one of the hotbeds of snowmobiling in the 60’s, Skiroule snowmobiles grew from a young man taking a chance into a serious contender on the market and on the racetrack. As a young man working in his father’s farm equipment manufacturing shop, Rejean Houle had a dream of entering the booming snowmobile market. The only problem was that his father was not sold on the idea. While his father was away, Houle rallied some of his father’s workers to help him build a few prototypes in the early 60’s. These sleds impressed and were put into production in 1966. The Skiroule name was formed out of Rejean Houle’s name with the addition of “ski” in front. The early Skiroule sleds were so impressive that in 1971, they attracted the attention of the Coleman Company, who are best known for their lanterns and camp stoves. Skiroule snowmobiles also attracted one of the most famous snowmobile racers, Gilles Villeneuve. But like many other snowmobile manufacturers of time, Skiroule was hit hard by the fuel crisis of the 70’s. Coleman sold the company to HMK, but soon after went out of business with the last production sleds being released in 1976.

Whether you call yours a “Green Bullet” or a “pickle”, you want your Skiroule to last for many more years to come. To do that, you need parts that you can trust. At Dennis Kirk, we carry the most aftermarket vintage snowmobile parts. We keep them all in stock and ready to ship to you the same day that you order. That way, you can have your sled ready for the next vintage ride or show as soon as possible. And when your order is over $89, we will ship it to you absolutely free. Also, feel free to contact our knowledgeable Tech Team if you have any questions on which Skiroule parts are best for your machine.