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Lightweight and portable, lithium batteries have been adapted to play a key role in many modern products, such as the laptop computer you may be reading this on. These versatile, high-tech batteries now are available for motorcycles, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs. Leading the charge in the move from legacy lead acid batteries to modern lithium is Shorai. Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., Shorai has become one of the world’s leading producers of prismatic cell lithium iron phosphate power sports batteries. At Dennis Kirk, we carry a wide variety of Shorai lithium batteries and chargers so you can enjoy the power and advantages of lithium on practically any machine you own.

Shorai’s award-winning lithium batteries offer a multitude of benefits. They weigh up to 80 percent less than traditional lead-acid batteries, providing you greater convenience and power-to-weight ratio. On average, Shorai LFX lithium batteries will save you 2 to 3 pounds for dirt bikes, 6 to 8 pounds for street bikes and 10 to 20 pounds for touring and cruiser bikes. You will also enjoy increased cranking power with these advanced batteries. In addition, an investment in these special batteries will pay you back in the long term, because they last longer than lead-acid batteries.

Dennis Kirk carries Shorai LFX 12V lithium batteries in a wide variety of configurations, sizes and styles for proper fitment in just about any motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile you have. You will find these batteries with various right or left polarity options as well as a range of case shapes and sizes. Charge these special batteries with a normal charger if necessary, but we recommend that you use a Shorai battery charger. This charger has been designed for these lithium batteries and will charge, store and diagnose them properly.