Metzeler Motorcycle Tires

Dennis Kirk is proud to offer motorcycle tires from one of the most innovative manufacturing companies in the world - Metzeler. We carry everything from Metzeler dirt bike tires to Harley tires. Since 1979, their focus has been on one thing - making the best Metzeler motorcycle tires possible - not car tires or ATV tires - only motorcycle tires. But their history and innovation go way back, about 120 years. In fact, they set the high-speed world record for motorcycles at 173.29 mph in 1937! Since then, Metzeler developed the first 80 and 90-series low profile tires, tubeless tires, and 0-degree steel belted radial tires. Add it all up and you can say that Metzeler motorcycle tires have the most innovation and "firsts" behind them than any other brand! So if your looking for a great deal on Metzeler me880 motorcycle tires or Metzeler off road tires, you've come to the right place. Click Metzeler to shop the entire product line.