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For over 50 years, Shoei Helmets have been creating the best motorcycle helmets in the world. Each helmet is created with the most attention to detail. Every helmet piece is developed with cutting edge technology and each Shoei helmet is carefully assembled by hand. Each motorcycle helmet takes a full week of painstaking craftsmanship to complete and every aspect of the helmet is made to be perfect to earn the Shoei name. Dennis Kirk has all of the best Shoei motorcycle helmets and Shoei Motocross helmets for the absolute best prices.

Shoei Helmets is best known for their performance driven Shoei Street Bike Helmets. Countless hours of design and track testing by the world's greatest riders has allowed Shoei to create the most progressive racing helmet on the market. While they excel at creating these top race helmets, they are just as successful at creating other motorcycle helmets. Shoei modular helmets and dual sport helmets are created with the same amount of care and attention-to-detail, so every rider can have a Shoei motorcycle helmet.

Shoei Motocross helmets stand out in the crowded pack of dirt bike helmets. More top racers wear Shoei dirt bike helmet than any other brand. With pros like Justin Barcia and Kevin Windham wearing Shoei, the helmets get all the abuse that any rider could give them. Shoei Helmets has taken the feedback that they get from the pros and fine-tuned their dirt bike helmets to create the best on the track.

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