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While Shinko Tires may be a relative newcomer to the motorcycle tire industry, they have made a name for themselves by producing quality, long-lasting tires at an affordable price. Founded in 1946 as a bicycle tire manufacturer, the Japanese company made inroads in the motorcycle tire market in 1998 when they purchased Yokohama’s tire technology and production. They since have made these tires and others their own through extensive research, development and testing, and now produce more than 2 million motorcycle tires a year to meet ever-increasing demand.

Shinko motorcycle tires are available for every style of bike on the road today, including cruisers, café racers, dirt bikes, sport bikes, Harleys and cruisers. Their cutting-edge R011 Verge radial motorcycle tires use innovative zero degree steel belted technology. With its higher stiffness then traditional textile, this sophisticated design reduces the tire’s weight and dynamic deformation while distributing heat more evenly. In other words, your bike will have better high-speed performance, durability, stability and responsiveness when you use these tires.

A number of other radial and bias ply tires are available to meet your performance needs. Whether you need a solid touring tire that performs well on wet roads, a dual sport dirt bike tire for both street and off-road use, or an extra-wide rear whitewall tire for your custom chopper, there’s a Shinko tire for you. Choose from a variety of sizes, speed ratings, load ratings, tread patterns and sidewall constructions. Whatever you choose, you’ll get the confidence and security of a tire that lasts at Dennis Kirk’s lowest guaranteed price.

With their combination of Japanese design and South Korean production, Shinko tires get the best of both worlds. Shinko is the exclusive tire provider for Continental motorcycles, and has quickly become a top performer on the U.S. motorcycle drag racing scene. Your bike can feel the benefit from adding a set of their tires as well. Use the Dennis Kirk Ride Selector to easily find tires that fit your ride, and we’ll ship them to you the day you order them.