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Riding without a windshield may look cool, but it can be exhausting on long rides at highway speeds and above. You don’t realize just how much you are fighting the wind and debris and driving rain until you actually sit behind a good windshield. You still get the air flowing to you, but it’s not blasting you right in the face and chest. You’ll find an awesome selection of motorcycle windshields from brands like Slip Streamer and Memphis Shades at Dennis Kirk that will not only keep you protected, but also look great on your bike.

Not only will a windshield and fairing keep you protected, but it can also make the ride more pleasurable. Wind noise can be greatly reduced to make for a quieter ride and you will stay warmer without the wind chill on colder rides. A fairing with a windscreen will maximize the coverage and reduce all of those annoyances even more. If a fairing is not your style, you can add lowers to your windshield to add more protection for your legs and to help prevent updrafts. A well designed windscreen on a sport bike can work well to protect you when you are in the tuck or ¾ tuck riding positions.

Quick release windshields allow you to remove the windshield fast and easy if you want to ride without one or if you want to remove it for storage and trailering. Shields can be mounted either on your forks, handlebars or as a windscreen on the fairing.

With so many options, finding the right windshield for your motorcycle can be difficult. To make it easier, check out our Motorcycle Windshield Guide and then feel free to contact our Tech Team if you have any more questions. We have the best selection and greatest deals on motorcycle windshields at Dennis Kirk.