SBS LS StreetExcel Sintered Metal Brake Pads

  • Part #: 1908167
  • Manufacturer Part #: 586LS
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Overview of SBS LS StreetExcel Sintered Metal Brake Pads

  • SBS brake pads feature asbestos-free brakes using patented Unified Composite Technology (UCT)
  • UCT technology completely blends all brake pad materials into a balanced, unified pad
  • This balance ensures no hot spots, glazing, premature fading or excessive rotor wear
  • The result is powerful, fade-free braking performance, even in extreme conditions

  • STREETEXCEL Sintered Metal Pads
  • SBS sintered metal brake pads will give you smooth, quick braking performance with excellent feel and minimal rotor wear
  • Advanced pad compound is lead- and nickel-free, suitable for sport riding and roadracing
  • SBS pad formula also allows for quick pad cool-down and minimal to no fading under hard and repeated use
  • Sintered metal brake pads should NEVER be used in calipers that were not OEM equipped with sintered metal pads

Additional fitments:
Kawasaki -
KLR650C - 95 (rear) (Euro)

NOTE: NEVER USE SINTERED BRAKE PADS IN BIKES ORIGINALLY EQUIPPED WITH NON-SINTERED BRAKE PADS. Check your owners manual to see if sintered metal brakes were OEM equipment on your machine

NOTE: All brake pads and shoes are sold in a set for one disc or drum. You must order one set for each disc or drum on your machine


Specs for SBS LS StreetExcel Sintered Metal Brake Pads

Fitment for SBS LS StreetExcel Sintered Metal Brake Pads

Part 1908167 fits the following machines

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1996 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500
1995 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500
1994 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500
2009 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2008 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2007 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2006 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2005 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2004 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2003 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2002 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2001 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
2000 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
1999 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
1998 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
1997 Kawasaki EX500D Ninja 500R
1990 Kawasaki KL650A KLR
1991 Kawasaki KL650B Tengai
1990 Kawasaki KL650B Tengai

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Instructions and Media for SBS LS StreetExcel Sintered Metal Brake Pads

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