MH Instruments Rumble Road HD Raw 200 Amplifier System - 206

  • Part #: 408592
  • Manufacturer Part #: 206
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Overview of MH Instruments Rumble Road HD Raw 200 Amplifier System - 206

  • Everything you need to upgrade your fairing bikes factory or aftermarket stereo sound system

  • At 200 Watts peak power, whether out in the open or under wraps, this rugged, weather-resistant high-output amplifier sounds as good as its custom chromed case looks

  • Bigger than a hip flask, smaller than a cigar box
  • Equally impressive, especially when paired with a pair of high-power-handling speakers

  • The same powerful audio delivered by The Original Rumble Road Ultra amplified speakers steps out of its shell, for a space-saving number designed specifically for large fairing-based motorcycles including cruisers, tourers and baggers ? where bigger sound and less space are must haves

  • Get maximum volume and clarity from just about any factory, aftermarket, satellite or marine stereo radio, MP3, CD or cassette player while on the road ? without a bulky setup
  • Packaged with a pair of high-quality 5.25 in. coaxial speakers and acoustic foam baffles, MHI?s Rumble Road HD Raw200 stereo amplifier is the solution for do-it-yourselfers and others itching to upgrade an existing sound system, design a new one, or add a second set of speakers

  • Housed in machine-billeted and chromed aluminum, the HD Raw200s compact, custom industrial design features dual high-gain amplifiers with a trim-fit lid that doubles as a mounting bracket
  • Together, the case and lid double as heatsinks that enable the HD Raw200 to keep its cool in all kinds of weather ? and in just about any location on your bike, trike or ATV

  • Built right into the Rumble Road HD Raw200: Universal line-level inputs for stereo compatibility, high-level inputs for added boost, a ground loop isolator for easier wiring and great sound enabling, and a power filter to reduce noise from harsh electrical systems produced elsewhere on your bike
  • Add to this list the ability to turn the amp on and off remotely
  • The result? No unnecessary add-ons and smoother installation overall

  • To install, simply locate the Rumble Road? HD Raw200 amplifier anywhere with good airflow, wire up to a 12-volt source on your rig, connect the speakers with your stereo system, and enjoy!

  • What You Get - Each Rumble Road HD Raw200 Kit includes:
  • 200 Watt custom chromed stereo amplifier
  • Integrated 4-slot mounting bracket
  • 2 5.25 in. high-power-handling quality speakers
  • 2 round foam acoustic baffles for speakers
  • All color-coded audio cabling and power wiring, including: 1 set of stereo RCA patch cables, 1 Y-adapter to connect RCA inputs to standard 3.5mm stereo plug, 2 RCA-to-high-level-speaker adapters (to enable connection to existing stereos)
  • Clear, illustrated installation guide

  • Features:
  • Sleek, Custom Industrial Design from Machine-Billeted, Chromed Aluminum
  • Compact, Space-Saving Footprint (3.9 in. w x 5.3 in. l x 1.6 in. d, including lid/mounting bracket)
  • 4-Slot Mounting Bracket, Affixed
  • High-Gain, Stereo-Bridged Amplifiers (approx. 70 total Watts continuous, 100 Watts peak, into 4 Ohms @ 13.6 VDC)
  • 5.25 in. 2-Way Full-Range Speakers With 1.85" Mounting Depth
  • State-of-the-Art, Surface-Mounted Electronics
  • Simple, Standard Wiring for Flexible Electrical Hookup
  • Universal Line-Level Inputs
  • Universal High-Level Inputs
  • Built-in Ground Loop Isolator
  • Built-in Power (Noise) Filter
  • Built-in Relay for Remote On/Off Control

  • Included Items:
  • (1) Amplifier with Mounting Bracket
  • (1) Y Adapter
  • (2) RCA Patch Cables
  • (2) Audio Cables


Type Amplifier
Units Each
Weight 6.7 lbs

Specs for MH Instruments Rumble Road HD Raw 200 Amplifier System - 206

Type Amplifier
Units Each
Weight 6.7 lbs

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