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Roko Quick Straps

Anyone who’s ever had their riding goggles slide off their face after a hard jump knows the importance of keeping them secure. But in the middle of a long ride, you want to be able to take them off for breaks or cleanings. And if you’ve got them strapped too tight or your gloves are caked with mud, it can be a real challenge. But with the Roko Sports Quick Strap system from Dennis Kirk, it’s easy to get your goggles off and back on again whenever you need to.

Roko Sports has been making the Quick Strap for more than 30 years from their home base in California, and it has become an essential piece of equipment for trail riders and Enduro racers. The Roko Quick Strap uses a patented quick-release system that allows you to take your goggles off or put them back on one-handed in seconds. The system can be installed on most popular brands of goggles and helmets without any tools needed, and it even works with roll-offs and tear-offs for a true cutting-edge setup. Multiple strap colors are available to add a little personal style to your hassle-free goggle use.

Once you start using innovative Roko Sports motorcycle accessories, you won’t even be able to imagine going riding without them. And when it’s time to upgrade to new goggles or a new helmet, you can continue using your current Quick Strap system thanks to a Roko Quick Strap Remount Kit, complete with a hook-and-loop fastener, swivel button and adhesive coin. At Dennis Kirk, we pride ourselves on offering everything for a complete riding experience, and these inexpensive products will pay for themselves many times over in headaches and aggravation saved. Get same-day shipping and no-hassle returns on these little things that make a big difference.