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R&D The Original Power Bowl - 071111

  • Part #: 173243
  • Manufacturer Part #: 071111
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Overview of R&D The Original Power Bowl - 071111

  • Better than fuel injection; the Power Bowl eliminates unpredictable carburetor hesitation
  • Bolt-on product requires no modification
  • Delivers instant throttle response, improved acceleration, easier starting and better holeshots while eliminating hesitation and bogging
  • The Power Bowl's zero-tolerance jet chamber redirects fuel during hard impacts and creates the maximum fuel exposure during the most extreme conditions which eliminates the possibility of the jets being exposed to air pockets and, therefore, eliminates misfiring
  • The anti-cavitation accelerator pump is designed with two separate fuel ports; port one is located at the highest point in the chamber to allow trapped air to escape through the leak jet orifice while port two is positioned low in the fuel sump to ensure that only fuel enters the Venturi
  • Externally adjustable leak jet allows fine tuning with a simple hand adjustment
  • Ball check valve is located at the bottom of the pump cover for more consistent fuel supply; stock steel ball has been replaced with nylon for better response time during hard impacts
  • Kit includes Power Bowl with easy tune leak jet, accelerator pump cover, O-rings, linkage spring, diaphragm spring, R&D sticker and instructions
  • Works with all 4-stroke MX bikes
Included Items:
(1) Power bowl w/adjustable leak jet
(1) Accelerator pump cover
(1) Accelerator pump spring
(4) Small O-Ring (you only need 3)
(1) Detent spring
(1) Instructions


Type Float Bowl
Units Kit
Weight 0.5 lbs

Specs for R&D The Original Power Bowl - 071111

Type Float Bowl
Units Kit
Weight 0.5 lbs

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