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When you start putting powersports accessories on to your machine, you are going to want the highest quality at an affordable price. PowerMadd gives you those qualities. All of their items are designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. They began making aftermarket accessories strictly for the snowmobile industry, but because of their success, they were able to expand into the off road and motorcycle industries as well. They produce the best products to keep you protected like windshields and handguards along with performance accessories like handlebar risers and snowmobile skis.

PowerMadd is probably best known for their snowmobile handguards. The Star Series of PowerMadd handguards have become some of the most popular in the world. Snowmobile handguards serve a couple of different purposes. The first is that they will keep your hands from getting smacked as you ride through tight terrain and tree branches. The second purpose is to keep the cold wind off of your hands. With the snowmobile handguards, you will be able to keep your hands warmer for longer rides.

Another staple of the PowerMadd lineup is their handlebar risers. Using handlebar risers is not just for tall people. For someone who does a lot of stand-up riding, having the right risers can really add performance. By being able to fully upright and having a rider forward position, you will be able to throw your sled around much easier.

The snowmobile handguards and the bar risers are just some of the great products from PowerMadd. Dennis Kirk has the best selection of PowerMadd parts and accessories for all of your powersports. Because we keep all of our parts in stock, we can ship your products today, plus FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $89!