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Pirelli Rear Sport Demon 150/70V-17 Blackwall Tire

  • Part #: 542091
  • Manufacturer Part #: DEMON
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Overview of Pirelli Rear Sport Demon 150/70V-17 Blackwall Tire

  • V-rated for up to 149 mph sustained speeds
  • Cross-ply tires with a sporty tread pattern that provide radial-like handling for bias-equipped sport and sport touring bikes
  • Increased tread depth increases tire life - sport compound maximizes wet and dry grip
  • Rear tires multiple radius profile provides precise, light handling in all conditions
  • Distribution of rear tire blocks is optimized for maximum water drainage, even wear and optimized road contact
  • Sidewall ID Information: SPORT DEMON 150/70-17 M/C 69V

Inflated Width/Measuring Rim Width: 5.66 in./4.25 in.
Inflated Diameter: 25.27 in.
Acceptable Rim Width: 3.50-4.50 in.
Deepest Tread Depth: 8/32 in.
Balance DOT: Yes-Yellow
Directional Arrow: Yes
Speed Rating: V-Rated up to 149 MPH

Capacities and Construction:
Load Capacity/Inflation Pressure: 716 lbs./42 PSI
Load Range: B
Bias or Radial Ply: Bias
Tread Plies/Material: 3 Rayon/1 Nylon
Sidewall Plies/Material: 3 Rayon
DOT Approved for Road Use: Yes
Tube or Tubeless: Either-Depending on rim

Safety Warning: Please consult tire manufacturers publication(s) and/or website(s) for information on tire care, safety, installation, maintenance, manufacturers warranty and other information. The tires used for your application must have a load index and speed rating equal to or greater than the tires fitted as original equipment.

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Specs for Pirelli Rear Sport Demon 150/70V-17 Blackwall Tire

Fitment for Pirelli Rear Sport Demon 150/70V-17 Blackwall Tire

Part 542091 fits the following machines

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2006 Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord
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