Parts Unlimited OEM-Type Piston Assembly - 76.5mm Bore

  • Part #: 13519
  • Manufacturer Part #: 097622
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Overview of Parts Unlimited OEM-Type Piston Assembly - 76.5mm Bore

  • Dennis Kirk has high-quality, OEM-type piston assemblies to fit most popular snowmobiles
  • These pistons more closely match the original equipment in ring design, construction and weight than our other aftermarket pistons
  • Its not necessary to replace both pistons in a twin-cylinder engine if you need only one
  • All piston assemblies include rings(s), wrist pin and circlips
  • Left Hand Side

  • Replacement Ring Set: 13519R
    Replacement Wrist Pin: 14453
    Replacement Circlips: 14418

    NOTE: Dennis Kirk recommends the following preliminary work to be performed by a qualified mechanic prior to installing new pistons. If the old piston has failed, determine the cause and remedy the problem before replacing. Air leaks and/or a lean fuel mixture are the two biggest causes of burned pistons. In cases where any part of the old piston is broken or burned through, the crankcase should be disassembled and thoroughly flushed of any debris.

    NOTE: Piston has L top ring and R (Rectangular) bottom ring, which is the same as some OEM pistons, but not our piston for the right hand side. This is for better heat transfer from the piston to cylinder wall on the left side, away from the fan.

    Our pistons, rings and kits are sold by application and bore size. Please note that STANDARD and OVERSIZES are not indicated. To get the correct part, you must know the standard bore size to make sure you are ordering either the standard or correct amount of oversize that you need. If you have any questions, please call Technical Service.


Specs for Parts Unlimited OEM-Type Piston Assembly - 76.5mm Bore

Fitment for Parts Unlimited OEM-Type Piston Assembly - 76.5mm Bore

Part 13519 fits the following machines

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1969 Ski-Doo Alpine 640E
1982 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1981 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1980 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1979 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1978 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1977 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1976 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1975 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1974 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1973 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1972 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1971 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1970 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1969 Ski-Doo Alpine 640ER
1970 Ski-Doo Invader 640E
1971 Ski-Doo Nordic 640E
1970 Ski-Doo Nordic 640E
1972 Ski-Doo Nordic 640ER w/Bogies
1974 Ski-Doo Nordic 640ER w/Slides
1973 Ski-Doo Nordic 640ER w/Slides
1972 Ski-Doo Nordic 640ER w/Slides
1971 Ski-Doo Nordic 640ES
1972 Ski-Doo TNT 640 w/Bogies
1971 Ski-Doo TNT 640 w/Bogies
1970 Ski-Doo TNT 640 w/Bogies
1972 Ski-Doo TNT 640 w/Slides
1971 Ski-Doo TNT 640S w/Slides
1970 Ski-Doo TNT 640S w/Slides
1971 Ski-Doo Valmont 640ER

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Video Installation: How to Install Snowmobile Piston Rings: Parts Unlimited Piston Kits Instructional Video 3:39
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