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You get it and we got it. The Café Racer scene is hot and we are on the trend. We have a complete Café Racer department where you will find all the parts you need. Dennis Kirk carries the best products like, Roland Sands Designs handlebars when you're looking for superior functional style. We also carry "tons" of other café racer parts, such as, lighting, levers grips, footpegs, mirrors, cables and chains, tires, exhausts and everything else you need to make your classic Café Racer motorcycle a reality! You will also find helmets and apparel to complete your look so you can fit right in with the Rockers.

While you're building your custom Café Racer, rest assured that you are getting the best deal around with our "Low Price Guarantee." When you're on the way to the Bonneville Salt Flats, and you need your Café parts in a hurry, remember Dennis Kirk, We Ship Today!

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