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One name rises above all others in the world of spark plugs and that is NGK. Since 1936, NGK motorcycle spark plugs and snowmobile spark plugs have been the top choice and for good reason. They lead the industry with their continuous innovations and world class design. With their advances, they are able to create more power with fewer emissions than in the past. Their Standard plugs have been trusted for years now and they continue to lead the way in technology with their Iridium plugs. NGK is also the choice for racers because they design their racing spark plugs for the rigors created in a competition where temperature and mechanical shock are above normal conditions.

No matter what type of machine you ride, Dennis Kirk will have NGK spark plugs for you. NGK makes spark plugs for almost every powersports engine, making them the leading brand in the industry. We also carry spark plug caps and plug wires for different applications from NGK. Making sure that you choose the right plugs is critical for optimal performance and engine safety. To help you choose the right NGK spark plugs for your machine, feel free to contact our knowledgeable Tech Support team with any questions that you may have.