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Stock motorcycle handlebars are pretty plain and boring. That’s why swapping for aftermarket bars is one of the most common changes riders make to their bikes. At Dennis Kirk, we carry so many different styles and designs of bars that will truly set your bike apart from others like it when they are installed. You can totally change the ergonomics and riding position of your motorcycle by simply swapping out the bars and make your ride much more comfortable.

For cruiser and Harley guys, the traditional buckhorn handlebars are the safest choice, as they look conservative and place your wrists in a fairly neutral position. Styles like Apehangers, Z bars, and T bars are on the complete other end of the spectrum. They will give your bike a unique and custom look, but may make your riding position uncomfortable. Beach bars, flat track and pull back bars are a great compromise in the middle.

Clip-ons are your choice for sport bikes and some custom bikes, like café racers. There is not much to clip-on bars, but there are now some options with built-in risers. This will help to take some of the pressure off of your wrists while riding. Riders with café racers can choose clubman bars to get into a tuck position without using clip-on bars.

To make the swap really easy, some handlebars come complete with controls and cables. If you do choose just the bars, you need to make sure that your controls and cables will still work, otherwise you may need to purchase those as well. Fortunately, we have everything you need to make the complete swap at Dennis Kirk. If you need help measuring your bars and cables, feel free to contact our tech team. They will be able to help you get the best set of handlebars to make your bike look and ride great.