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There’s nothing like grabbing the bars of your motorcycle, twisting the throttle and going for a ride. Motorcycle handlebars, grips and controls are a huge part of what makes your motorcycle what it is. By swapping out any of these components, you can dramatically change the way your bike rides and looks. That’s one of the reasons why there are so many aftermarket options available. And even if you don’t want to change your bike’s setup, old components can fail and you need to replace them. Aftermarket bars and controls are a great option for that as well.

When swapping out your old handlebars for a set of aftermarket ones, you need to determine the style of the bars you like and if it will be comfortable enough for you to ride with them like that. You can choose ape hangers that go as high as you can reach, a set of clubmans that go down in the opposite direction or anything in between. Before you decide on a set of bars you can sit on your bike and hold your arms where you think it is most comfortable. Then you can measure that distance for the rise, width and pull back of the bars and find a set that matches those measurements.

When you change the dimensions of the handlebars on your motorcycle, you will most likely need to update your cables and lines. Your new bars may require longer cables and lines if you choose taller bars or you may need shorter ones if the bars you choose are shorter than stock. Braided cables are a great aftermarket option because they are more durable, plus they look great too.

Your hands do a lot of work while you’re operating your bike. To keep them happy, you may want to consider upgrading your grips and controls. Many aftermarket grips are designed to reduce the amount of vibration that is passed into your hands from the bike. For controls, there is a good variety of more ergonomic levers that are not only more comfortable, but are also fairly durable as well. And just like with bars, grips and controls can change the looks of your motorcycle to better fit your style.

You will find the best selection of motorcycle handlebars and controls for all styles of bikes at Dennis Kirk and for the lowest prices. We keep all of bars in stock and ready to ship to you the same day that you order so can finish your build fast instead of waiting for your parts to arrive. Choosing the right bars can sometimes be difficult, so feel free to contact our Tech Support Team to have any of your questions answered.