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Whether your bike is carbureted or fuel injected, it is important that the proper air/fuel mixture is being provided to the engine. Rich mixtures can foul plugs and build up gunk after a while and a lean mixture can eventually lead to serious engine damage. That’s why it is so important that your motorcycle carbs are fitted with the correct jets or that your fuel injection system is mapped correctly. Fuel intake systems need to be retuned whenever performance parts like exhausts and air cleaners are upgraded on the bike. Fuel intake components like jets and injectors can also become too dirty and damaged to be restored and will need to be replaced.

It’s crucial that your motorcycle carburetor is able to produce the correct air/fuel mixture and push it into the engine. Not enough fuel and the engine will lean out. Too much and it will run rich. Performance mods and elevation changes may require you to change the size of jets in the carb so that it will run correctly. Jet kits are a great option because they will contain all of the jets that you need, along with charts to show you when to use certain jets. After sitting for some time, jets can become clogged and will need to be replaced. It’s important that you replace it with the same jet size to keep the same fuel mixture. You can also replace the whole carburetor if yours is too damaged or if you want to change the size of the carb.

Fuel injection motorcycles generally require less maintenance, but can be modified for better performance. Fuel tuners or processors allow you to electronically change the fuel mapping to accommodate any performance upgrades that you may have made to the motorcycle. For even better performance, you can even upgrade the throttle body to get the maximum amount of flow. Sensors and fuel injectors can also become faulty over time and can be replaced individually if needed.

At Dennis Kirk, you will find everything you need maintain and upgrade your fuel intake system, including whole carburetors, jet kits, carb rebuild kits, fuel tuners, injectors and more. We keep them all in stock and ready to ship to you the same day that you order so you can be back out riding as soon as possible. And when your order is over $89, we will ship it to you absolutely free. Use our Shop By Ride selector at the top of the page to find all of the fuel intake parts for your specific motorcycle. If you have any tuning questions or are unsure of what you might need, feel free to contact our knowledgeable Tech Support Team.