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Don’t let Mother Nature attack your bike if you store it outside. By using a motorcycle cover, you can keep it protected from the elements and prolong its looks. Rain, snow, UV rays, dust and more are all things that can harm the finish of your motorcycle if it is stored outside. Finding motorcycle covers that fit your ride and are designed for the conditions that it will be stored in is crucial. We have a great selection of covers at Dennis Kirk for all types of bikes at great prices.

Not all motorcycle covers are created equally. You need to determine where and in what conditions you will be storing your motorcycle. A light breathable/vented dust cover may be all that you need if you store your bike in a garage. On the other end of the spectrum, you will need a cover made from heavy, durable materials if you want to use it for trailering and storing outside in adverse conditions.

There are certain features that you can look for on the covers to help protect your bike further. Being vented or breathable is crucial for all covers, whether indoor or outdoor. If the air cannot circulate through, condensation will build up, which can lead to rust and mildew. Heat resistant panels will allow you to cover your bike just after shutting down, meaning you won’t have to wait for it to cool down. A zippered cover can make it easy to access your bike and can make removing and installing the cover much easier. Some covers even have special sleeves to install alarms to deter thieves.

Use the Shop By Ride feature to quickly find all of the motorcycle covers that will fit your bike. Our knowledgeable Tech Support Team can answer any questions that you may have and can help direct you to the perfect cover for your bike from Dennis Kirk.