Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit - 01-2664

  • Part #: 1908455
  • Manufacturer Part #: 01-2664
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Overview of Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit - 01-2664

  • Innovative reel changing system
  • Allows you to tailor your throttle rate to riding conditions and rider preference
  • Includes four reel sizes: 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm
  • Use smaller reels for slower throttle rate
  • Use larger reels for faster throttle rate
  • Fast reel changes without having to readjust cables is provided by the unique reel design
  • Cable boot keeps dirt and dust out for reliable, smooth operation
  • Billet aluminum inline cable adjusters are included for easy installation and adjustment
  • Install on drilled or undrilled handlebars with the removable setscrew in throttle housing
  • Complete VR Throttle Assembly, high-quality Motion Pro black vinyl cables specifically designed for your bike and Motion Pro DirtControl grips are included
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Designed by Motion Pro
  • Patent pending

    Included Items:
    (1) 2-piece throttle assembly with throttle tube
    (2) 4 7/8 in. long gray grips
    (1) 35mm reel
    (1) 40mm reel
    (1) 45mm reel
    (1) 50mm reel
    (2) Dual throttle cable both 25 in. long with 90 degree, 3 in. long fittings on one end and straight, 1 1/4 in. long fittings on the opposite end with 3 5/8 in./3 7/8 in. travel


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