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Moose Mud-Proof Soild Rear Disc Rotor

  • Part #: 193456
  • Manufacturer Part #: M0511400
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Overview of Moose Mud-Proof Soild Rear Disc Rotor

  • They are made from high-carbon content stainless steel, which offers greater friction than standard discs
  • No-holes design prolongs brake pad life in muddy conditions
  • Cut with a CAD/CAM laser machine, not stamped like stockers
  • Perfect for muddy conditions, off-road or on the track

NOTE: For YFS200 Blaster 1988-02 are for Front either side, all other models listed are for Rear Left side only


Specs for Moose Mud-Proof Soild Rear Disc Rotor

Fitment for Moose Mud-Proof Soild Rear Disc Rotor

Part 193456 fits the following machines

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2005 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
2004 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
2003 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
2002 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
2001 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
2000 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
1999 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
1998 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
1997 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
1996 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
1995 Yamaha YFM350FX Wolverine 4x4
2005 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
2004 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
2003 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
2002 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
2001 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
2000 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1999 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1998 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1997 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1996 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1995 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1994 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1993 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1992 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1991 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1990 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1989 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
1988 Yamaha YFS200 Blaster
2006 Yamaha YFS200SE Blaster Special Edition
2005 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
2004 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
2003 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
2002 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
2001 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
2000 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1999 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1998 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1997 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1996 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1995 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1994 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1993 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1992 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1991 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1990 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1989 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1988 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee
1987 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee

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