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Moose Blue Road Warrior Headlight

  • Part #: 216682
  • Manufacturer Part #: 2001-0676
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Overview of Moose Blue Road Warrior Headlight

  • Constructed from durable polypropylene and rubber; universal fitting with anti-vibration rubber straps
  • Meets DOT and CE standards
  • Features a 35W incandescent bulb and a 4W running light
  • High-impact lens
  • Mounting extensions included
  • Replacement parts available

    Included Items:
    (1) Headlight assembly with front number plate, two 12v55w headlight bulbs each with one black wire with male bullet connector and one white wire male blade connector and one 12v5w bult with one black and one white red wire both 8" long
    (1) Headlight cover
    (4) Rubber fork clamps
    (2) 3/8 in. L self tapping flanged torx screws
    (2) Black brackets
    (4) 6mm-1.00 x 15mm phillips screw
    (4) 6mm lock washers
    (4) 6mm flat washers
    (4) 6mm-1.00 nuts


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