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Maxflash Action 8 Gb SDHC Class 10 Memory Card - 8 GB SDHC

  • Part #: 409789
  • Manufacturer Part #: 8 GB SDHC
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Overview of Maxflash Action 8 Gb SDHC Class 10 Memory Card - 8 GB SDHC

  • Maxflash Action SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) High Speed flash memory cards are ideal for all compatible helmet cameras including GoPro Hero 2 and earlier models (also see the smaller MicroSDHC cards for other devices, including GoPro Hero3 camcorders)
  • Tested in all major camera brands with optimal results
  • Full HD video capability
  • Made to meet the highest quality standards - extremely reliable for rugged applications
  • They are a removable storage solution for compatible digital devices including digital cameras, camcorders, TVs, MP3 players, PDAs and more
  • SDHC cards are a larger physical size than MicroSD or MicroSDHC cards
  • SDHC cards are a newer version of the original SD cards, developed for use with digital cameras and other such devices that not only require a higher capacity card, but also one that comes with the performance to match
  • SDHC cards are designed for devices that are compatible with the SD 3.00 specification
  • Products designed exclusively to support previous SD specifications will not be able to utilize SDHC cards
  • To check if your device is compatible with SDHC look in your device manual or on the packaging for the SDHC symbol
  • The growing demand for high-capacity flash memory springs partially from the increasing use of high-definition video and high-resolution digital photography
  • Maxflash Action SDHC cards meet the challenge of these demanding products not only by providing ample storage but also meeting Class 10 specifications for minimum sustained Data Transfer Speed (DTS) of 10MB/sec (currently the fastest class on the market)
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Includes a clear plastic protective case

8 gigabytes

GoPro Hero2 average running times (32GB):
1080p 30 fps - 4 hours, 21 minutes
720p 60 fps - 4, hours, 21 minutes

File system:

32mm x 24mm x 2.1mm (1.26 x .94 x .083 in.)


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