Born out of the legacy of Raider snowmobiles, Manta snowmobiles were the next step in the evolution of twin track snowmobiles. Even though Raider had ceased to exist, founder Bob Bracey never gave up on his dream to revolutionize the world of snowmobiling. His vision of the twin tracked, rear-engine, cockpit snowmobile was reborn in the Manta race sleds, which were produced by his new company ARBE in the mid 70’s. The Manta was reborn again in the mid 80’s with consumer trail models. The 83 Manta was powered by a 340 Polaris TXL engine. In 84, the Manta featured either a 440 Fuji fan or a 500 Suzuki liquid. Engines were swapped yet again in 85 with 440 and 500 liquids from Arctic Cat. In the last year of production, the 86 Manta was only offered with the Arctic Cat 440. While these unique snowmobiles offered something completely different from most other sleds at the time, they still were not able to make a major push. Today, the remaining Mantas are a welcome sight out on the trails and at vintage rides. They have become one of the most sought after vintage makes because of this.

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