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Stainless Frame-Mounting for Air-Cooled Models - FMK

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Stainless Frame-Mounting for Air-Cooled Models - FMK

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Love Jugs Stainless Frame-Mounting for Air-Cooled Models - FMK

Congratulations!  If you are considering adding a Love Jugs cooling system to your Harley-Davidson, you may want to consider this optional frame mounting kit for installation if your bike is a 2008 or newer air-cooled Harley-Davidson.


 The Frame Mount Kit re-locates the Love Jugs and Harley horn assembly from the engine, and mounts it to your frame where the vibration is significantly less. The installation of the FMK along with the Love Jugs will take you about one hour to complete. This will undoubtedly be the best hour you will ever spend working on your Harley. The results will make you happy for years to come and your engine will be protected from all the bad and destructive consequences that happen from an overheated engine.

 The FMK just about eliminates all the vibration transmitted to the Love Jugs. You, your bike, and your engine will run stronger and last longer. If your bike is a candidate for the FMK, by all means add it to your Love Jugs purchase, this is the most important option you can invest in. Guaranteed against any type of failure for five years.

  The Frame Mount Kit does not fit all Harley Models. See below to find out if your bike is FMK friendly.


There are literally thousands of Harley Models. Factors like the year of manufacture, frames, engines, rubber-mounted engines, solid mounted engines, customs, etc. all play a role in producing varieties. Therefore, a comprehensive list of “Will fit” models for the Frame Mount Kit is not possible to publish.  Here’s the sure-fire way to determine which mounting system works on your bike.

  1. For 2008 and newer Touring bikes, The FMK is highly recommended. These motorcycles have extensive vibration on the horn mount. NOTE: 2017 Milwaukee-8 and newer touring models do not need the FMK and it will not fit.
  2. For 2007 and older Touring bikes, look at your Harley’s horn mounting bracket. If you see a rod bolted to the center of the horn bracket that connects to a bracket welded to your frame, the rod is in the way of the FMK, so the FMK will not fit your bike. In that case the Vibration Master (Part No. 27-5035) is your best choice. Do not order the FMK if your bike has that stabilizer rod from the engine to the frame.
  3. For models other than Touring bikes: Softails, Dynas, Fat Boys etc do not need the FMK. The Vibration Master (Part No. 27-5035) is your best choice. 
  4. The Frame Mount Kit is engineered to fit Harleys with a square back bone frame section located directly under the tank. Using a flashlight, look at the frame that is directly above the horn, you should see a flat surface, that’s the bottom section of the square tube. (NOTE: If you see tubes to the rear of the tank, you are not looking in the right place.) These tubes are welded to the square tube section of your frame. Again, look directly above the center of the cylinders.



Included Items:

(1) Stainless steel mounting bracket

(2) Stainless steel hose clamps (72-95)

(1) Stainless steel vibration damper

(1) Stainless steel vibration damper mount

(1) 1/4"-20 x 1" Hex head bolt

(2) 1/4" Flat washers

(1) 1/4"-20 Nylock nut

(1) 1/4" Split lock washer

No Instructions


Mfg #: FMK
Part #: 275036
Type Mount
Units Kit
Weight 1.40 lbs

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