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Polished Stainless Vibration-Master Mounting Kit - VM

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Polished Stainless Vibration-Master Mounting Kit - VM

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Love Jugs Polished Stainless Vibration-Master Mounting Kit - VM

Congratulations!  If you are considering adding a Love Jugs cooling system to your Harley-Davidson, you may want to consider this optional Vibration Master mounting method.

Vibration Master Provides:

A rock-solid mount for your cooling system and horn.
A lessening of vibration on your horn and Love Jugs.
Insures spot-on positioning for perfect maximum results.

The Vibration Master is the most desirable option if your bike will not accept our Frame Mount Kit. The VM is an attractive and heavy-duty method of mounting your Love Jugs to your engine via the Harley horn mounting bracket. It’s a real work horse. Two heavy duty vibration dampers encased in a highly polished Stainless Steel enclosure, replace the stock Harley vibration damper. The VM is guaranteed against any type of failure for 5 years.

Pros ….. A very secure and attractive mounting method that is superior to mounting your Love Jugs directly to the Harley horn mounting bracket. The VM positions your Love Jugs perfectly for maximum cooling effectiveness. Installation time is about 5 minutes. Will still look perfect 10 years from now due to the polished Stainless Steel construction of the Vibration Master.
Cons….. Love Jugs are mounted directly to the engine. As reported by our customers there is a significant reduction of vibration to the Love Jugs on most models, but it is not as effective on some bikes. Why is that? Many factors that are unique to each bike determine the vibration reduction effectiveness of the VM such as, wear on tie rods and motor mounts, work done to engines, the many different engine types, type of frames, idling RPM’s etc all effect engine vibration.

Included Items:

(1) Stainless steel cover

(1) Stainless steel bracket

(1) Stainless steel name plate bracket

(2) Rubber vibration mounts with (2) 5/16"-18 x 1/2" Studs

(2) 1/4" Rubber discs

(2) 5/16"-18 x 1" Hex head bolts

(3) 5/16" Chrome flat washers

(3) 5/16" Chrome split lock washers

(4) 5/16" Split lock washers

(2) 5/16"-18  Hex nuts

(3) 5/16"-18 Chrome acorn nuts




Mfg #: VM
Part #: 275035
Type Mount
Units Kit
Weight 1.20 lbs
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