JIMS VO VideoStik

  • Part #: 283278
  • Manufacturer Part #: 783
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Overview of JIMS VO VideoStik

  • See into the inner workings of your bike - live remote video fits into almost any hole that is .25 in. or larger
  • Flexible, 24 in. L 6 mm diameter camera shaft is sealed so its completely fluid proof
  • Shaft fits down spark plug holes, intake/exhaust ports and more
  • Shaft has LED light with dimming function
  • High-resolution auto focus
  • 2.5 in. full-color viewing monitor
  • Video-out jack
  • Included magnet picks up parts weighting up to 1/4 lb.

Included Items:
(1) Video scope
(2) Tips


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Instructions - PDF Instructions - PDF Instructional PDF
Video Product Info: Jim's VO Scope VideoStik - Flexible Video Camera (With Light and Magnet) at Dennis Kirk Instructional Video 2:9