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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 73
Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 73
After more than 90 years in business, IRC Tire remains committed to its mission of designing and producing superior high performance tires for any riding conditions. Founded in 1926 as a bicycle tire company, the Japanese company began manufacturing motorcycle tires in 1952, and is now trusted by racers and everyday riders around the world thanks to their innovation and innovative technology. From cruisers and commuters to dirt bikes and mopeds, Dennis Kirk has the IRC motorcycle tires and IRC inner tubes you need for long-lasting performance.

Our broad selection of IRC tires all have one thing in common: unmatched grip and reliability at an affordable price. Cruiser owners can hit the highways in any weather using IRC GS-11 AW front and rear tires, with S-rated tread for both wet and dry roads. Sport bike speedsters will feel the rush on IRC Road Winner RX-01 tires, with an aggressive, flexible tread surface that holds the road at high speeds. And for motocross racers, the IRC front M1A and rear M5B tire combination has self-cleaning tread, giving you outstanding traction for mud, sand and even hill-climbing.

For riders that choose a tubed tire, an IRC inner tube is made to withstand rough conditions, and will work with any major tire brand. These tire tubes are made using natural rubber construction, with strong valve and joint strength for outstanding puncture resistance. IRC heavy duty tubes are even thicker than standard tubes and are ideal for Enduro riding. Each inner tube fits multiple tire sizes, and chrome valve stems increase visibility while adding flair.

Whether you choose tubed tires or go tubeless, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our IRC tire section. Our Find Parts Fast tool will help you do just that when you enter your year, make and model, and you can also contact our Tech Team if you have any questions. Dennis Kirk has been leading the way in aftermarket motorcycle parts for nearly half a century, and with our expert knowledge, same-day shipping and no-hassle returns, you’ll have the IRC tires and tubes you need in almost no time at all.