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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 632
Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 632
Founded in 2002, Icon motorcycle gear was developed out of a need for something different. At the time there weren’t any options for the street rider that reflected their style and the way they rode. With only race replica suits and stale cruiser apparel available, the founders of Icon decided to break from the norm and create gear for a niche of riders that was largely ignored. Though largely labeled as a stunt rider brand, Icon represents much more. They have expanded beyond the perceptions of others to create gear that sport riders actually want and need.

As Icon has continued to grow as a brand, so has their collection of products. They are still largely a sport bike centered company, but the Icon 1000 and Raiden lines have broadened into the custom/heritage and ADV niches. These lines prove that Icon is not willing to become stale and pigeon-holed into one category. Every piece is engineered with close attention and will stand up against the competition years after it has been released.

No matter what bike you ride, Icon has apparel, helmets and protective gear for you. With one-of-a-kind graphics, unique cuts and a disdain for the ordinary, Icon gear stands out from all competitors. But the looks aren’t everything. Icon helmets have evolved to become a standard alternative for any rider who wants a quality lid but with a little attitude. The jackets are cut to be comfortable for everyday riding and will hold up to the abuse that presents as well. With pants and gloves to match, you can outfit yourself completely and ride in style.

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