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Hogtunes offers audio solutions for the great American cruiser! Hit the road on your motorcycle with the music you love when you install Hogtune speakers specifically designed for Harley Davidson machines. Pump up the music even more with a Hogtunes amp or Hogtunes Big Ultra kit, and create the surround-sound effect you want with Hogtunes rear speaker pods. Make music part of your road experience with Hogtunes speakers from Dennis Kirk. You'll love the low prices we offer on Hogtunes products and don't forget: Dennis Kirk also guarantees the lowest price on ANYTHING over $100, and we'll beat everyone else's price by a buck.

Choosing Hogtunes over regular car speakers or marine speakers is a simple decision. This is because the Hogtunes speakers are specially designed to cut through your motorcycle's exhaust noise and other road noises to give you the best sound. The Hog Tunes speakers are designed to focus on the mid-range noises, whereas car speakers are designed to focus on bass and treble. The human ear is able to pick up the mid-range noises easier than bass and treble and that is why Hog Tunes focuses amplifies that range of sound.

Another reason to choose Hogtunes speakers is because they are safer for your ears than wearing ear buds. When you wear ear buds for prolonged periods of time, you can cause ear damage because of the intensity of the sound is so close to your ear drum. Wearing them on your motorcycle will force you to turn up the volume causing the ear buds to be even more dangerous. Hogtunes is safer because they produce the sound at the levels that are easiest to hear.